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Hi there. If you want to know about gamification for innovation, you've come to the right place. 

We're the UK's first dedicated network for this space.

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Our Speakers include experts from Serious Games, Mobile Massive Multi-Player Role Play, Alternate Reality Games and Game-based Learning. We explore, discuss, and collaborate on gamified technical and charitable innovation for pleasure, profit and the greater good. We help each other gamify and intensify our daily work, teamwork and lifework. Want in?


Join the next event for simple, edgy and practical ideas - and have a beer on us. We meet each Friday from October 7th to December 9th, 2011 at The Innovation Centre, Broad Quay, Bath, BA1 1UD. We're easy-going if you just turn up to an event, but it's far nicer if you register each week so we know how many beers to buy! You'll find the invitations on the speaker programme page or you can contact us and we can keep in touch with you after the event too !