Review of Attensi Gamified L&D Solutions

Having worked several years at Attensi myself, it’s fascinating to observe their remarkable trajectory. Starting in Oslo, Norway, Attensi has rapidly expanded its global presence in the world of gamified training solutions. Their recent expansions into the US and Germany are testament to their continued growth and ambition in the global market.

During my tenure at Attensi, I was able to witness their evolution from a unique vantage point. The company, rooted in Norway’s rich technological landscape, has consistently pioneered the integration of cutting-edge technology with educational methodologies. What has worked well for Attensi is their vision of making learning not just effective but also engaging, interactive, and last but not least, measurable.

However, with their continued growth and success, there are several issues you should be aware of if you are considering becoming a customer. The lack of transparent pricing is one such issue, the actual cost and time required to develop your own training might be another.

1. Company Information

Name of the CompanyAttensi
Headquarters LocationOslo, Norway
Other OfficesLondon (UK), Boston (US), Cologne (DE), Stockholm (SE)
Year Founded2012
Number of Employees150 employees
Geographical ReachOperates in over 150 countries
Customers/ClientsMore than 200 customers

2. Product Offerings

  • Attensi | CREATOR: This is a no-code platform that enables users to design engaging and impactful games easily. It’s designed for simplicity, allowing anyone to become a game designer in minutes.
  • Attensi | PORTAL: This functions as a gamified learning hub, similar to a simple LMS, where users can store and access various content types, including minigames, videos, and documentation.
  • Attensi | SKILLS: This is a mobile training app accessible anytime, anywhere. It includes features like minigames, quickfire challenges, and scenario-driven dilemmas, focusing on practical skill development.
  • Attensi | BEHAVIOUR: This product offers immersive first-person gameplay and 3D environments, allowing staff to experience realistic and emotional scenarios. It aims to create memorable learning experiences that lead to lasting skill acquisition.
  • Attensi | PROCESS: This tool is designed to help staff work through real-world scenarios using the software they encounter in their daily work, such as CRM systems or medical records software. It’s tailored to provide practical, hands-on experience.

3. Technology and Innovation

  • Gamification and Interactive Learning: Attensi’s products heavily rely on gamification and interactive learning experiences, making the learning process more engaging and effective.
  • Immersive 3D Environments: The use of 3D environments, particularly in the Attensi | BEHAVIOUR product, provides a more immersive learning experience.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The Attensi | SKILLS app emphasizes mobile learning, allowing users to engage with training materials flexibly and conveniently.
  • Real-World Scenario Training: With products like Attensi | PROCESS, the focus is on practical training that replicates real-world scenarios, enhancing the applicability of the skills learned.
  • No-Code Development: The Attensi | CREATOR platform’s no-code approach makes it accessible for non-technical users to create engaging training content.

4. Videos

5. Clientele and Case Studies

  • Notable Clients: Clients include KPMG, Bertel O. Steen, Hiscox, YMCA, American National, and Kao.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories:
ClientImprovement Metrics
SportScheck87% knowledge gap closure
KAO Salon Division1.5x higher sales
Ardoq88% increased understanding of the Ardoq platform
YO!10% increase in staff retention in the first few months
  • Client Testimonials: Testimonials from clients like Black Sheep Coffee, Marugame Udon, and Circle K Europe are featured.

Bertel O. Steen Case Study

Bertel O. Steen (BOS) is an interesting client of Attensi which came in before I started working at Attensi. They are the second largest car wholesaler and retailer in Norway. They represent brands like Mercedes-Benz, Kia, and all the PSA brands. 

There is a pretty good video (not just a sales pitch) on their experiences which you can see here.

Some highlights from the video below.

  • Focus on Customer Experience
  • They emphasized that customer experience is crucial for future success. Bertel O. Steen  really put effort into enhancing how customers interact with their services and products.
  • Innovative Training Approach
  • BOS was looking for a better approach to training their staff. They moved away from traditional classroom training, which required taking people out of their work environment. With Attensi’s platform, that’s no longer necessary.
  • Integration of Training and Documentation
  • The training isn’t just a one-off thing; it’s a main source for documentation on their processes, both in customer interactions and operating systems. It’s all on one platform, which sounds super efficient.
  • Practical, Real-Life Oriented Training
  • They’ve noticed that their staff, being practical people, respond better to training that mirrors real-life experiences rather than abstract concepts. The training scenarios are bite-sized, so it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • Gamification and Learning
  • The gamified element of the training encourages repetition, which they believe is key to learning. There was this cool part where someone mentioned an internal competition in their department, creating a buzz in the office about who could complete the training first or score the highest.
  • Self-Paced, Tailored Training
  • Another major strength is that everyone can train at their own pace, making it a tailored experience for each individual.
  • Philosophy of Learning by Doing
  • They quoted Confucius: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I’ll remember; let me do it and I’ll understand.” This seems to be the core philosophy behind Attensi’s approach – learning by doing.

Overall, it’s clear that BOS is really happy with the success of Attensi’s platform, both in Norway and internationally. They think what Attensi is doing is awesome, and it’s easy to see why. The approach is practical, engaging, and seems to be really effective in training staff in a way that sticks.

Wilhelmsen Ship Service Case Study

Another insightful video about the Attensi solutions is this one about Wilhelmsen, a leader in the global shipping industry. They very successfully made use of the Attensi Process solution for training on Salesforce. This gamified approach has revolutionized how they implement, onboard, and train employees on Salesforce. Cutting both costs and onboarding time in the process. 

You can dive into the video here, or read the highlights below.

Key takeaways from the Wilhelmsen Case Study

  • Wilhelmsen’s Global Stature and Historical Legacy
  • With a history spanning over two centuries and operations in more than two hundred locations, Wilhelmsen stands as a titan in the shipping industry.
  • Embracing Attensi Process for Training
  • Wilhelmsen has chosen the Attensi Process, a cutting-edge gamified solution, to transform their approach to software training. This move signifies a significant shift from traditional methods to more dynamic, interactive learning experiences.
  • Multilingual Training for a Diverse Workforce
  • Recognizing the diversity of their global team, Wilhelmsen offers the training in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all employees.
  • Gamification Driving Effective Learning
  • The gamified nature of the Attensi Process encourages employees to engage repeatedly with the training content. This approach not only enhances learning but also ensures a thorough understanding and application of the software tools in their daily tasks.
  • Simulations Reflecting Real-World Scenarios
  • The training includes realistic simulations where employees interact in a virtual environment that mirrors their actual work scenarios. This practical approach is crucial for effective onboarding and implementation of software solutions.
  • High-Quality Graphics for Immersive Learning
  • The use of advanced graphics in the training modules creates an immersive learning experience, making the training more engaging and impactful.
  • Positive Feedback and Enhanced Engagement
  • The introduction of this gamified training method has been positively received by employees. It has created a sense of competition and excitement, leading to higher engagement levels.
  • Impact on Work Efficiency and System Mastery
  • The Attensi Process has significantly improved the efficiency of Wilhelmsen’s workforce. Employees are not just learning the software; they are mastering it, leading to improved performance and productivity.
  • Revolutionizing Employee Development
  • The adoption of the Attensi Process by Wilhelmsen is a testament to their commitment to innovative employee development. This approach aligns with modern educational trends and meets the evolving needs of their global team.

In summary, Wilhelmsen’s implementation of the Attensi Process solution for gamifying software training represents a forward-thinking approach in employee development. It showcases how gamification can effectively be used to onboard and train employees on complex software solutions, making the process more engaging, efficient, and successful.

6. Customer Reviews

When looking at reviews for their solutions, they are hands-down quite good. Below is a summary of almost twenty reviews of them and their solutions found on Capterra. One should note though that these reviews are based on feedback from managers and HR project owners, and not typically from an end-user perspective.

General Feedback:

Attensi’s gamified training solutions have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from a diverse range of industries, including higher education, hospitality, retail, non-profit organizations, financial services, insurance, marketing, and pharmaceuticals. Customers praise Attensi for its innovative approach to learning and development, emphasizing the effectiveness of gamification in engaging and educating employees. The reviews highlight Attensi’s ability to transform traditional training methods into more interactive, enjoyable, and impactful experiences.


  • Engaging and Interactive Learning: Customers frequently mention the engaging and interactive nature of Attensi’s training simulations, which make learning more enjoyable and effective.
  • Ease of Use: Both users and administrators find the platform user-friendly, noting its simplicity in navigating and creating content.
  • Effective for Diverse Learning Styles: The gamified approach caters to various learning styles, making it effective for a wide range of employees.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: The platform’s accessibility, including mobile compatibility, allows users to engage with training modules anytime and anywhere.
  • Positive Impact on Employee Performance: Many reviews note a significant improvement in employee performance and knowledge retention due to the repetitive and interactive nature of the training.


  • Desire for More Content: Some users express a wish for more scenarios and content within the training modules.
  • Occasional Technical Issues: A few reviews mention technical issues that occasionally limit access or activities on the platform.
  • Content Customization: There is a desire for more customizable training modules, particularly for specific industries or roles.
  • Content Organization: As more content is added, some users find the organization of the site overwhelming and suggest improvements in this area.

In summary, Attensi’s gamified training solutions are highly regarded for their engaging, interactive, and user-friendly approach to learning and development. While there are minor areas for improvement, such as content variety and technical stability, the overall sentiment from customers is exceedingly positive, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing employee training experiences.

7. End-user Experiences

In exploring the user experience of Attensi’s Skills app, it’s crucial to differentiate between the perspectives of managers or HR project owners and the actual end-users. While customer reviews often reflect the strategic and operational benefits of the app, user reviews provide a more nuanced understanding of its day-to-day impact. These user reviews, gathered from the Apple App Store both in the US and the UK, offer valuable insights into the practicalities and challenges faced by individuals interacting with the app. This feedback is essential for anyone considering implementing the Attensi Skills solution, as it highlights areas of strength as well as potential issues that might need addressing.

The reviews from actual users of the Attensi Skills app reveal a diverse range of experiences and opinions. While some users praise the app for its ease of use and effectiveness in delivering training, others express frustration with aspects like repetitiveness, technical issues, and relevance to their specific job roles. This feedback underscores the importance of considering the end-user experience in the deployment of any training solution. It also highlights the need for continuous improvement and customization to meet the varied needs of different users and industries.

Apple Users General Feedback:

The general sentiment among users of the Attensi Skills app is mixed. While many users find the app useful and engaging, others encounter challenges that affect their learning experience. The feedback underscores the complexity of designing gamified learning solutions that cater to a diverse user base with varying preferences and needs.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Several users commend the app for its easy-to-use interface and accessibility.
  • Engaging Content: The gamified approach and interactive content are appreciated by many users, making the learning process more enjoyable.
  • Effective Learning Tool: Some users acknowledge the effectiveness of the app in delivering important training content, such as safety protocols.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The convenience of accessing the app on mobile devices is a plus for users who need flexibility in their training schedule.


  • Technical Issues: Users report experiencing technical problems such as app crashes and unresponsiveness, which hinder the learning experience.
  • Repetitiveness and Engagement: Some users find the games and activities repetitive and not engaging enough, leading to a lackluster training experience.
  • Content Relevance: There are concerns about the relevance of the content to specific job roles, with some users feeling that certain modules are not applicable to their work.
  • User Experience for Diverse Learners: The app’s approach may not be suitable for all users, with some finding it childish or patronizing, and others expressing difficulty due to personal learning preferences or needs.

In summary, while the Attensi Skills app is praised for its innovative approach to gamified learning, user reviews highlight the importance of addressing technical stability, content relevance, and varied learning preferences to enhance the overall user experience.

Android Users General Feedback:

The reviews present a mixed picture of user experiences with the Attensi Skills app. While many users appreciate the app for its engaging and interactive learning approach, others express frustration with technical issues and usability challenges. The feedback highlights the diverse reactions to gamified learning, with some finding it an innovative way to learn, and others encountering difficulties that hinder their training experience.


  • Engaging and Fun Learning: Many users find the app’s gamified approach to learning engaging and enjoyable, making the training process more interesting.
  • Effective Training Tool: Several users praise the app for being an effective training tool, particularly in teaching safety and other essential skills.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Some users comment on the ease of use and accessibility of the app, making it convenient for learning.
  • Interactive and Informative: The app is seen as interactive and informative, providing valuable knowledge in an approachable manner.


  • Technical Issues: A significant number of users report technical problems such as app crashes, freezing, and slow performance, which disrupt the learning process.
  • Usability Challenges: Some users find the app difficult to navigate, with issues in completing modules or progressing through the training.
  • Device Compatibility: There are complaints about the app not working well on certain devices, causing overheating or requiring better optimization.
  • Content Relevance and Clarity: A few users express concerns about the relevance of the content to their specific job roles and the clarity of instructions within the app.

In summary, while the Attensi Skills app is appreciated for its novel approach to learning and user engagement, the user reviews underscore the need for addressing technical stability, improving usability, and ensuring content relevance to enhance the overall user experience.

Personally I think this also shines a light on the hardware requirements to fully appreciate the Skills app. There seems to be a much higher number of dissatisfied users on Android phones, which are often cheaper than Iphones are.

8. Pricing

  • Pricing Structure: Pricing details are not provided on the website.
  • Free Trial or Demo Availability: Option to book a demo is available.

It is quite common for SaaS companies not to reveal their prices, and instead negotiate these on a case by case basis. Put simply, this usually means that they are aiming to have you pay as much as possible. 

If you are in the process of evaluating offers from vendors, or will be in the near future, please check out our other site There we assist companies negotiate the best deals possible for terms and cost of their SaaS subscriptions. We can also help you renegotiate existing SaaS contracts. Our services are provided on a No-cure, No-pay basis.

9. Impact and Effectiveness

  • User Engagement Metrics: Claims of 19% increase in productivity, 5x faster competence, 85% knowledge gap closure, and 40% increase in ROI.
  • Impact on Client KPIs: Specific KPI impacts are mentioned in broad terms but not detailed.
  • Research or Studies Supporting Effectiveness: Not provided on the website.
  • User Reviews and Ratings: Not available on the main website, but independent reviews were found on Capterra.

10. Additional Resources

Some interesting blogs from their website:

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