why should you gamify your approach to innovation?


There's a bunch of reasons everyone is gamifying everything ...


A lot of debate originates from the computer games industry and a lot is about customer [not employee-] engagement so a lot is for short-term pleasure or brief monetary gain. This makes it a bit iffy for those of us who want to produce long-term benefits for industry and charity. After all, technical innovation and large-scale employee-engagement require lasting strategies, not just hype. Of course, there's much we can learn from how marketers go about gamifying that will help us intensify our daily work, teamwork and lifework, but you can chase these up in your own google searches. 


The people whose philosophy we totally love and who can help you get a taste of what this organization is about, focus on games and gamification for pleasure and the greater good, with profit as the happy by-product. Click on the left and enjoy :)