A hotbed of practical ideas

We have fabulous speakers and events you can check out and join on the sidebar of this page - or listen to the summaries of their talks on our video diary page. Yet we promise this network is more than just talk. We want to practise what we preach or hear from others, implement what we learn and become a real hotbed of practical ideas. 


The word 'hotbed' is inspired by Daniel Coyle's 'Talent Code'. This is a brilliant book, that looks at how superstars are created. Why, for instance, does Brazil have such great Soccerplayers, or Korea produce so many female Golfers and why does China create avant-garde Novelists?


Coyle says success is not just talent - its practise, and a very particular kind of super-intense practise at that. You see, learning is even more effective, when its miniaturised, deeply engaging, repeatable and fun - in other words, kind of 'gamified'. Some countries have got good at providing this kind of opportunity for their young people, and this is how hotbeds are formed. The aim of this network is ultimately to create an innovation hotbed in the UK, where our young people can learn about innovation - deeply, productively, and in a gamified way. Even if it takes 10,000 hours of practise ;) Hopefully that's not too far off.


For now, we're starting off by getting experts together to discuss, explore and collaborate on how this can happen. We'll figure out how individuals and SME's can get involved in this movement for their own benefit, as well as to benefit others. We'll help each other improve our daily work, teamwork and lifework, by gamifying and intensifying. Want to get involved? You'll find the event invitations for each speaker on the left. And don't forget to sign up for regular news on the contact page!